Judge's Opinion: The Cost of Non-Compliance

September 08, 2017

Let’s be honest – we are all in this business to make or save money.  Whether you're a TPA, an Employer, a Laboratory, a clinic, or a lawyer, to survive we need to consider the bottom line. But, the ever-evolving and complicated compliance issues we face can undermine our goals.

As just one example of proof that the struggle with compliance is real, in 2016, employers paid $482 Million, and that was just for ADA violations! 

For service providers and employers, in particular, the Cost of Non-Compliance is becoming an unmanageable issue. In the more than 40 years since workplace drug testing began in this country, we have grown from about twelve state laws and approximately 100 court cases to over 600 state laws and regulations and more than 12,000 court and agency decisions that impact what we do every day.

Overwhelming? Yes, it is. And this doesn’t even consider other federal rules you may be obliged to follow. 

Read more about the 'minefield' of compliance in this months Judge's Opinion!

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