Federal Lawsuit Against OSHA Final Rule Halted as OSHA Reconsiders Rule

July 13, 2017

On June 30, 2017, Federal Judges, in lawsuits challenging the controversial OSHA Final Rule which dramatically changed the way employers administer post-accident drug testing (TEXO ABC/AGC, Inc. v. Acosta, No. 3:16-cv-1998 (N.D. Tex.) & National Association of Home Builders of the U.S. v. Acosta, No. 5:17-cv-00009 (W.D. Okla. July 10, 2017), ECF No. 72.)) collectively entered an order that essentially puts the cases on hold.  The parties were unopposed so that OSHA "can determine whether to reconsider, revise, or remove portions of the rule at issue in this case."

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Our Encompass Compliance Research Division spoke to an OSHA representative who said that "at this point, the rules remain in effect but we are not enforcing it until we've (OSHA) had a chance to reassess it."

You can review the Court Order and the OSHA notice. We will keep you updated as this progresses.

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